European commission claims that Apple received “undue tax benefits” between 2003 and 2014

European commission ordered the Apple to pay up to $14.5 billion plus interest in back taxes for its subsidiaries in is the largest fine the EU has ever doled out to a company. The decision has been taken after two year probe.

The commission argues that apple received “undue tax benefits” between 2003 and 2014. On the other hand, Tim cook, CEO of Apple, called it a “total political crap.” He claims that company has paid all the taxes it owed is disingenuous.

According to apple- it’s paid $4.89 billion in income taxes outside the U.S. during the said period. Whereas European commission’s stamen claims that company paid an effective tax rate ranging from 1% in 2003 to 0.005% in 2014 on its European profits during the time.

Both Apple and Ireland plan to appeal the ruling. . It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the end, as it may be the first case of a company being ordered to pay back taxes to a government that doesn’t even want the money.

London is ahead of Berlin in startup investment

Last year, we compared Berlin to London and found that London was indeed still well ahead of its German counterpart as a European startup leader. London usurps Berlin as startup capital of Europe.

In its place is now London, with 2,194 million euros of investment in the latest half year - an increase of 748 million over the same period in 2015. 

This chart shows the startup investment volume in European countries and cities from H1 2015 to H1 2016.


Rio Olympics: Eight countries winning their first gold

The Rio Olympics finally come to an end. Where for some nation winning a gold medal is a regular occurrence, but some countries this year manage to break open medal chest.

More than 200 nations took part in the Games, with 59 of those managing to secure a much sought-after gold.  This chart, based on research by Sports Illustrated, shows the eight nations that had their first taste of gold during the games. 

Eight countries winning their first gold

Ethnic Minorities still face workplace Bias

Black Ethnic minority in Britain are much less likely to be employed than their white peers. BME workers in the UK twice as likely to be unemployed as whites. According to a report from the TUC, BME unemployment is higher in every region of the UK. The disparity is biggest in Yorkshire and Humberside and lowest in the East and South East of the country. 

This chart shows working age unemployment by region and ethnicity.

Ethnic Minorities still face workplace Bias

Android devices again dominate the handset market this year

A Recent report by the Gatner shows that Android and iOS phones dominated the handset business, which accounts to 99% of the global smartphone sales.

The boost for Samsung helped Android to increase its dominance of the market to 85.2 per cent, up from 82.2 per cent in Q2 2015. Introduction of Oppo proves the frosting on the cake, which sold 18 million phones and saw its market share more than double from 2.4 to 5.4 per cent.

On the other hand, Apple going through the lackluster period as its share of the smartphone market fell from 14.6% in Q2 2015 to 12.9% .But the Company is expecting a comeback with the introduction of Iphone7 in September.

Whereas, the end is nigh for windows phone and blackberry handset, which only accounted to 1% of the global smartphone sales.

The chart below shows the changes in smartphone operating system market share since 2009.

Android devices again dominate the handset market this year

Rio Olympics: How expensive to host the sport events can be?

Did you ever imagine that how much a sport event could costs a host country? I think no. The honor of hosting a sport event requires a huge sum of money besides incredible time and efforts.

Budgets allotted to the hosting the Olympic Games have reached into millions and billions of US dollars and often produces profits and losses of the host city. The cost of the Olympic Games is a unique megaproject of the host city and country to build the infrastructure and venues to host either the summer or winter games.

The recent games in Rio cost 4.56 billion dollars, that was overspent by 51%.If we just have a look the estimated cost of next Rio event, which is going to host by Tokyo, the Japanese organizers are apparently staring down the barrel of a 500% overspending. But Spain is on the first spot when we talk about highest overspending by 266%, till now. After an Initial estimate of 2.6 billion dollars, the final bill came 9.69 billion.

Below is the chart that shows initial cost estimates and eventual overspends.

How expensive to host the sport events can be

Removing capital city can actually effects the country’s GDP

Recent analysis of European countries by the German think tank Institute der deutschen Wirtschaft shows how much GDP of the Europe effected if capital removes from the calculation. The Largest impact on the GDP being seen if we remove capital city of Greece. If Athens were to be taken out of the Greek economy, GDP per capita would suffer to the tune of 19.9 percent.

Impact of France and Paris on GDP would not too far, 15% fall could be experience if it remove from the calculation. Positive impact could be seen if Berlin, capital of Germany, removed from the list. The German economy would lead to a 0.2%.


Americans are no more keen to watch Olympics

Rio Olympics lose its charm among Americans. They are no more excited to watch it. According to Gallup poll, 48% of the Americans say that they plan to watch a “great deal” or “fair amount” of the 2016 summer Olympics. A sharp declinefrom 59% compared to 2012.Whereas 31% plan to watch “not much” of the Olympics and 21% say ”none at all”.

The poll happened just a week before of Rio Olympics kick off. Gallup poll asking the Americans about their plans to watch the Olympics. This year’s Tournament continuously hitting the headlines even before its beginning. Russia’ Ban in weightlifting over the doping scandal, Athletes’ decision to opt out of the games due to Zika Virus, Reports regarding rooms in Olympics village, blocked toilets.These are that possibly reason effects the decision of Americans.

Moreover, Americans are even not aware of Olympics ‘host city.46% know the Olympics will be held in Rio, with an additional 17% correctly identifying Brazil as the host nation. Down from 65 percentage who correctly named London as the location for the 2012 games.

If we look the gender wise data than we found that women are less interested than men in the tournament. This year only 47% women plan to watch the tournament compared to 63% in 2012.

Americans are no more keen to watch Olympics

Americans are no more keen to watch Olympics

Tim cook’s Five years as CEO

Tim cook, who excels in logistics and supply chain management, took over the Apple as CEO after Steve Jobs had resigned due to illness in August 24, 2011.

How exactly has Tim Cook fared in the five years since he has been the CEO of the world’s most profitable and valuable company? One thing that most experts agree on is that Apple’s extreme growth over the past decade wouldn’t have been possible without Tim Cook.

So now you think what is the criteria that CEO’s should be judged on? The most obvious one is company’s share price.  On August 24, 2011, Apple shares closed at around $54 per share, adjusted for the stock split and dividends. Anyone who invested in Apple stock the day of Cook’s appointment has more than doubled his initial investment. Yesterday, the shares closed at $108.85 per share. However, the Nasdaq Composite Index, a market- cap-weighted index of roughly 2,500 companies, also doubled to 5260 since 2011.

Tim Cook has made roughly $500 million or so in the five years despite lagging even the Nasdaq index.  Now that the iPhone business is slowing down though, he’s going to have to prove that he can do more than maintain and build on Steve Jobs’ legacy. He needs to find his own “one more thing”

The chart below compares Apple's 5-year stock performance to that of its competitors.

Tim cook’s Five years as CEO

Huge Decline in International Adoption Due to Stricter regulations

When it comes to International adoption, U.S topped the list as on 2004. In U.s at least 23,000 children were adopted from overseas, a historic number. But due to adoption rules being tightened, numbers are declining over the years between many countries.

In Early 1980s, some countries also found involving in illegal adoption activities, which leads the implementation of stricter rule. The U.S falls by 72% in international adoptions from 2004 to 2014.

Huge Decline in International Adoption Due to Stricter regulations